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Thread: Mounting rings

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    Mounting rings

    Is it really worth spending the extra money for a set of expensive (Warne etc) rings, rather than some much cheaper Nikko Sterling rings ?
    This is for a low recoiling but v accurate centerfire. Do any of you lap them in with a broom handle & Emery cloth? The dealers will obviously say yes when you buy the scope but the proof of the pudding etc!
    I bet there are plenty of stalkers who have had years of good service out of 'cheap' rings??

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    Hi Rodkayak,
    You dont say what rifle they are for but i would really recommend buying decent quality mounts (dont neccesarily need to go mental with the cheque book but a quality manufacture) have a look on here for a second hand set. Absolutely no, no, no to the broom handle idea. you will end up with oval, oversized rings. I have made a couple of precisely dimensioned laps for a couple of members off here but for a factory rifle i would say there is probably no need to bother with lapping.


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    In a word... yes

    It is absoluely essential that the scope is perfectly in line with the barrel, you can only compensate for slight mis-alignment with the windage adjustment at your point of zero... beyond that your POI will shift left or right.

    I learnt the hard way with my .223, months of trying to get it right using 20 rings... In the end I forked out 100 for opti-lock rings and bases
    and when I got my .243 it came with a set of opti-locks.
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    +1 for good rings and bases

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    If your going to lap your rings then go and get a piece of ground 1" steel or the saize of your scope. A piece of bar stock is not likely to be true in roundness or straight even so it will need to be ground. A broom handle will only be round and straight by pure luck. If you find one that is so got and buy a lottery ticket right away.

    I have got a set of the Warne type Nikko Sterlings and they seem to be OK. I needed to fit a 30mm scope to a rifle to try the scope out and was not about to ley out the price of Warnes. I don't like that type of mounts as I find they are fiddley to fit. I was lucky as the set of Nikko Sterling rings I got are fine however knowing how poor Nikko Sterlings Q/C can be it was a gamble. For me it was worth risking 15 at the time.

    I do not lap rings normally. Only resorting to that if it's obvious they are not in alignment. Laying the scope into the mounts can usually tell you but with the warne type you cannot do this.

    Hmmmm Thinking about this Savage used to supply that vertically split ring type with their rifles and I picked up a set and didn't like them then abd that must have been 30 years ago now.. So I wonder who actually thought up that style? have Warne just adopted the design and advertised it well?

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    Warne are ok, I certainly wouldn't use anything cheaper on a centre-fire. I prefer horizontally split rings though as they allow you to lay the scope in and check everything is in order before you tighten them down.
    Lapping is unnecessary unless you have a base alignment issue, even then the best bet is to use Optilocks or Zee rings which will self-align.

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    Clearly depends on the rifle,receiver and bases. I use Leupold rings with a leupold scope. My Howa has Burris rings with the plastic ring inserts so self alignes and these are excellent. All my other rifles have sportsmatch mounts.

    I have experienced out of alligned rings and bases and its worth checking prior to fitting a scope.

    Shooting is often 75% confidence so any doubts about scopes and rings must be resolved in the first instance.


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    I have posted before on this topic. I can't stand Warne rings or any rings that split vertically. If your scope isn't pointing in the correct direction, it's very tricky to fix it with Warne style rings. I am a fan of the following:

    Rgds JCS

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    There's me thinking warnes were cheap rings,anything cheaper being made of cream cheese.

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    If you guys want to pay 80 - 90 for Optilocks then that's fine, but I've fitted several sets of the item which retail at a mere 19. As Tikka's already have an accurate mounting plane these are all you need, and they don't budge.

    I've also fitted Millet 'Tikka' series models which were a bit pricey at 27, but have full lateral adjustment as well.

    My older Tikka's date from the jurassic period so wear Weaver blocks, and Weaver QD rings.

    I haven't had any bother with any of these inferior mounting systems. They ain't sexy but they do work.

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