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Thread: mixed weekend pheew

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    mixed weekend pheew

    well i had a bit of a mixed weekend last weekend to say the least starting out friday driveing over to france via the 6hr crossing there was two of us we went for boar / deer . but it got a bit hectic meeting up with everyone and a greeting with a dozen glasses of wine each time .we ended up with a invite to a hunting club the el presidenti insisted we went with him ? digging brock leagal in france and under strict conditions done very well indeed then to dig fox again leagal in france. but we got no boar ? but then on the last day had 4 roe deer driven .there was 36 of us for breakfast at 8.30am with wine and then 11's with more wine and dinner with loads of wine and calvados 2.30pm which went onto 9.30pm in the evening in a hunting lodge in the forestry and then we left to go to a farmers house for dinner again ???10.30pm loads of wine and more calvados we left at 2.30am and had to get to the ferry by 8am with a 1.1/2hr drive .i am still bluddy knackerd luckly my mate was dumping most of his wine because of the driving . it realy was a fast hectic weekend but i would do it all again .noel

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    What can I say? Sounds like a bloody good stag party never mind a shooting break!
    Well done on the deer too. Just shows how much of a social occasion they make it out there.



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    they realy do make it a social thing and i did enjoy it very much it was just the lingo barrier. but heh after 6/7 hrs on the vino and fire water we all spoke the same lingo lol lol

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