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Thread: Lightweight Howa? How to start?

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    Lightweight Howa? How to start?

    There seem to be some serious Howa specialists on this forum. Do you think it's possible to make a 3kg or less Howa at a decent price? Max 60/70% extra on the value of a new rifle.
    If the transformed price approaches the price of a new Sauer 202 Highland, it's easier to buy the 202.
    - Edi once spoke about making the action lighter, how does that go?
    - I think about a long action rifle, 20/21 inch barrel, in the original Hogue stock or an affordable replacement.
    - What would be the way to go??

    I just want an easy to operate, light stalking rifle which can put 3 bullets in 1 inch or slightly less.

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    My thoughts:
    Stock: get a carbon fibre stock from Edi (though I think it's short action only), that will shave off about 200-250g off a Hogue and is much stiffer
    Trigger: it's steel bodied and heavy, switching to a Timney will shave off another 50 g
    Action, you can get the sides trimmed, no idea about this
    Bolt: I did contemplate getting it fluted, but apparently the weight saving is negligible, so don't bother
    Magazine, I've got an AICS conversion: it's pretty much the same weight as the factory floor plate, so no saving there, Weatherby do a long action plastic replacement and I think Howa are planning a similar replacement for the short action - these should be lighter than the original.

    Personally, I've decided this is too much trouble and I'm saving for a Tikka T3 which is 2.7Kg out of the box

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    Bear with me as the photos are of an old BSA but it shows the methods they used to reduce the weight:-

    The milled out the left action wall thinner the two straight flutes might have been another weight reduction but I am not sure on that as I only have Featherweight Majestics not a std weight to compare with.

    They also hollowed out the bolt knob.

    The use of light alloy for trigger guard and floor plate and an alloy magaize follower.

    A lighter barrel profile especially in the chamber area also helped the muzzle measures only 0.580".

    The .270 majestic with leather sling fitted weighs a bit over you target:-

    With scope:-

    Using a plastic/synthetic stock may save some more but I don't know much about them so you had better ask those who do.

    The Kimber 84 would meet your weight requirements but the ones I have handled felt rough to be honest. The localish Gun shop to me is stocking them.

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    My son holding a heavy barreled howa, barrel thicker than varmint profile.
    Mag system for AI mags, picatiny rail.
    New Lothar Walther aluminium / steel barrel, carbon stock, lightened howa action.


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    My first idea also was a T3 lite. They are 30/40 % more expensive here than in the UK and NZ and the US and.... The importer seems not to honest in his prices. After hearing lots of good about the Howa, my ideas were in that direction. The total price must stay Howa and not approach a Sauer or Blaser.
    It probably will become a T3 or an A Bolt or X bolt.

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