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Thread: Whats in you bumbag ?

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    Whats in you bumbag ?

    I always wonder what I should carry in my bumbag, what does everybody else carry?
    Its a fine line between everything but the kitchen sink and still being light.

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    ammo pouch
    mobile phone
    few pairs gloves
    2 carrier bags
    few wet wipes
    bottle water (sometimes)

    I like to keep it as light as possible.

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    x2 Knives
    Drag rope
    Rubber gloves
    Ammo pouch
    Small rifle cleaning kit
    Head torch
    Small Bone saw
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    Food bags
    Cable ties
    Face veil
    Sanitiser/alcohol rub stuff
    Ammo pouch
    LED headtorch
    Old strap off a laptop bag for carrying roe off

    Soudn like alot but it isnt really all packs down.

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    • Spare knife (main knife is on my belt)
    • Compact bone saw
    • Disinfectant wipes
    • Bit of plastic to keep stuff out the dirt
    • Rope (for dragging/suspended gralloch)
    • Head torch
    • Gloves
    • Small first aid kit (compression bandage, large wound dressing)
    • Tick remover

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    Dont carry a bumbag. It is far to american and I always have images of those lardy yanks.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Not a bum bag as such, but a belt pouch:

    S hooks
    Deer Extractor
    Bone Saw
    Rubber Gloves
    Bottle of Water
    Mars Bar
    Map of the Woods (if necessary)

    The Mars bar has sometimes been very handy, just after the gralloch when everything calms down and you realise the long walk out ahead!

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    [QUOTE=Rick;183465]I always wonder what I should carry in my bumbag, what does everybody else carry?

    Bums !!

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    Far too American and they'd call it a fanny pack. Sums it up really. Get a good jacket with plenty of pockets. I'm anal and only put one item in each pocket, I hate hearing clankity clank.

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    Never use one but do think about it some times and would have the same as I do for my roe sack. Knife and spare, wet wipes, plastic bag, drag rope, gloves disposable, head torch, some string and compact bone saw. If I'm close to the vehicle or can get vehicle to close extraction point it's left in the car except Knife. If going a bit further after Munites or roe, it goes in the roe sack and hardly know its there on the way out. If its full on the way back I'm happy. Fallow well hope for the first case or I work up a bit of a sweat!
    When I first started all I had in my pockets was a knife and drag rope but food hygiene has changed all that.

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