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Thread: Where do I get an Eagle !

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    Where do I get an Eagle !

    Fantastic Human Planet prog last night - - loved it.

    Now where do I get myself an Eagle ??

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    Any particular type of eagle? Or are you not fussy?

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    May be of interest to you if you are serious as whats involved.

    Licences to keep birds of prey - FAQs - -

    Bird Registration index

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    Golden eagles for roe and other small species, desert eagle for anything bigger
    Below is a link to my website.
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    Thanks for replies - - my comment was a bit tongue in cheek but I suppose having an Eagle on your side for a change must be very interesting.

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    Thanks for links - - v interesting stuff.

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    Sorry to spoil your fun but only Kings are allowed Eagles weren't they? As a mere commoner you are only entitled to a kestrel. And if you fly a bird above your station you may be punished. Cutting the hands off apparently.
    Good luck.
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    Yep watched that programme with my Patterdales,they`re now bringing me my slippers,cups of tea etc.Best programme ever!!

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    Dont want to pi^$ on your chips a Goldie will set you back around 5k and if you have not got the experience to fly large birds of prey the experience could cost you a lot more also it is against the law to fly birds of prey even Eagles at deer in the UK yes even Munties and Chinese Water Deer if you want to experience Eagles Hunting Deer you need to go to Czech or Germany

    Paul D

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