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    i have a big coke fridge free to a good home......

    of course there is a catch. I think it needs regassing. it doesn't cool stuff! the motors all run but it heats the inside to a steady 35 deg. like a big slow cooker.

    if you want it let me know i will take it to the skip at the weekend if i get no takers.

    you have to collect from north lincolnshire.

    pm and replies please.


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    Why could't you have lived closer.

    These things are like rocking horse **** when you are looking for them.

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    I have just like that, tried the gassing thing, no go. It will either make the trip to the dump or become a smoker.


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    Just a thought. Have you tried using a bottle of halfords air conditioning gas and seal. My chiller would not work when I first got it so I tried a bottle of the stuff. Fantastic and has not needed doing since. I had to modify the nozzle so that it would fit my chiller but other than that, easy!

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