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Thread: A few does seen and two nice Bucks

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    A few does seen and two nice Bucks

    I was back out on that small plot of land again and decided to have a look on the small 4 acre moor on the other side of the scrub trees. I was looking to see if i couldnt get a wee high seat up here as well. I got my eyes on a good few roe and two nice bucks one was defo cleaning off.


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    I have been seeing many, many quality bucks now, but nothing even close to cleaning so hopefully more growing to do.
    Look to be alot of symetrical heads this time.

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    hi dave cant beleive the deer thats showing on that wee bit of land ,just hope they
    buggers from the railway dont get them

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    I haven't seen anything clean yet but I've seen plenty of good bucks in velvet, a couple of freak heads too.

    Watched a buck in velvet on 10th Jan which was 8" long!! He's a perfect 6 pointer now, but not cleaned yet.

    A couple of gamekeeper friends saw clean bucks at the start of Feb! Perth area.

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    One of my friend saw one on the golf coarse he controls the deer on cERTAINLY JUST CLEAN BUT VERY EARLY.Here is the chap that was starting to clean sorry about the quality the camra was on the bung to day.

    Tam you will need to sound the horn early on that train ha ha not bad bit of ground for 15 just wish they could get me 9 more like it.

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