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Thread: recent fc lease bid

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    Smile recent fc lease bid

    hi all was wondering how many sd members bid for leases and had interviews for the various blocks i was interested in the block near jedburgh but thought the asking price ott anybody got that block for an interview need syndicate member please pm me
    atb tom

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    Well it can only get more expensive when the government sells off something you already have a share in, but we are all in it together.

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    Slighty hi- jacking your thread Tom. I have applied for some FC ground for shooting rights (not deer but everything else legal to shoot) plots range from 13 to 70 Acres. I rang the FC to get some advice on how to bid as have never bidded before, but all they said was bid what you think it's worth or can afford. Does anyone have slighty more helpful advice? The land is in the Hampshire. Is there a general guide such as x = y per acre or something?

    Thanks John

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