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Thread: Moderator on Sauer 202 Outback?

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    Question Moderator on Sauer 202 Outback?

    Will be testing a Sauer 202 in 308 cal. with the Outback 560mm long, 16mm diameter fluted barrel on it this weekend and was wondering if anyone has fitted a sound moderator on one.

    If so which model of mod and what thread was used?

    If it leaps around too much I may go for the heavier barrel option - 560mm long and 19mm diameter. This one is already threaded M14 x 1 and there is a Predator 8 with it. -
    Decisions, decisions , decisions!!!


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    I have a 6.5 x 55 with the heavier barrel that is cut with a m14 x 1 thread for an ASE Ultra. far to heavy so it stays at home. Have a look at Lawrence Precision - Home - Sound Moderators lots of money but very good

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    M14 thread north star and it shoots ok.

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    My sauer 202 had the standard light profile 24" barrel threaded 1/2"x20, I tried various mods of the muzzle can variety ASE compact, s5, north star as well as a few custom one off jobs i found the heavier the mod on the end the tighter the groups! not once but consistantley. The barrel definately whipped about more upon firing with the heavier mods but the groups were always better.

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    I had a .25-06 Fluted 202 and Neil Mckillop, and RFD in basingstoke, threaded it for me at 1/2 UNF, and then re-drilled and fitted the foresight behind it so that my ASE Utra mod can be fitted and yet I can still if I want to use the open sights!

    Can't say I noticed the barrel whipping about on that gun. And I still shoot a 7x64 Sauer 202 with the same setup but the heavier non-fluted barrel and don't notice any barrel whipping on that one either.

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