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Thread: Harris Hawk help

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    Harris Hawk help

    A friend of mine has a female harris Hawk that has been crippled. She will never fly again. She needs a home. She would have to be a pet as she can never hunt again. Can anyone help. We live in the S Wales area. She is a young bird (1 year old)
    Please help. Robert

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    Hi Robert yes a friend of mine flys Harris's and also rehabilitates them when injured,I am sure he would be interested in this bird,I have just left a message with him informing him of the bird.How much does he want for it and in what area to are you in to collect the bird so I can pass on the details
    hopefully he will reply shortly

    best regards


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    Free to a good home. If there are any bird of prey owners in S Wales I will shoot with steel shot small mammals/birds for them ( for free).
    Instead of Help for heros, help for hawks!!

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    This is only my opinion.

    There is a wildlife centre close to me that keeps everything from wingless seagulls and crows etc and I often wonder would if not be worth euthanising such animals. We hunt with hawks at this time of year and one is clear about hawks they don't make pets. Would if not be best to put the bird down. After all most on this site wouldn't hesitate to cull and injured deer that can't enjoy a fair quality of life.

    Again not looking to offend anyone


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    Fair opinion & I must admit it crossed my mind, but I have not raised the bird. My friend has, & he can not bring himself to kill such a young bird ;that does actually bond itself very closely to its carer. My dog's hips have gone, but the quality of life vs pain suffered means that for the moment he lives. The hawk is not in pain or suffering.

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