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Thread: x bolt owners

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    x bolt owners

    Im off to possibly buy an x bolt stalker tomorrow and would like to know your feeling on yours? and what ammo you are putting through it! also the duro touch stock! do you get any stock wobble? thanks all ss.

    sorry forgot to put it will be .243
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    cant fault mine, love it, its a .308 and i use sako 123g game heads, no regrets buying it

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    Have a .243. excellent accuracy, nice and light. Have used various 100gr , Hornady, RWS and Federal. All seem to shoot equally well. All in all - excellent rifle.

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    Have an x bolt stainless synthetic in .223rem for foxing and roe north of the border, great rifle for the price a bit choosy on what factory ammo it shoots, federal powershocks 55g are very good through it and partizan 55g psp another, hates remington though.
    not a bad trigger when you back it of to min. You could do a lot worse for the money, also not seen any for sale second hand either so any body who has bought one seems to be keeping them.
    A new version has just come out with a fluted barrel so you may be able to negotiate a discount on the early models.

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    I've got an X -Bolt .243 Stainless Stalker. Excellent rifle, can't fault it. Shoots very well with 100 grain federal factory ammo and various home loads. For the range, 90 grain FMJBT, spot on.

    An excellent rifle for the money.

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    yes i think i might be have to see if he can get hold oh the fluted x bolt vv nice looking rifle lets hope it shoots well

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    I was with my mate (RFD) he had the first demo’ model off the importer for field testing, good rifle the only grip I could have was the plastic mag’ let it down a little other than that very good rifle.



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    Hi Stu,

    I have one in .270 with Doc 8x56 glass on top and a Pred 8 up the sharp end. Absolutely terrific rifle and the price is good as well.
    I was using Winchester Super X (150grns) originally which would group all in 1.5" @ 150 mtrs. but not what I considered consistently.
    Switched to Federal Power shocks (150 grns again) and it now puts all in 1" @ 150mtrs. consistently and will very often put bullet on bullet when I'm in the groove.
    A really good combination and all straight out of the box (No discernable stock wobble by the way)

    Happy days and enjoy bach

    The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple

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    X Bolt

    I also have one in 243. I recently got it recrowned, not that it shot bad at all just wanted to see if i could make it any better and i felt a 11 degree target crown a bit easier to keep clean.

    As previous posters have said great rifle for the money and light even when scoped up.


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    i have one in 7mm08 and can,t fault it,it wears a zeiss 3-12x56 diavari and custom mod, shoots less than a inch with home loads and a inch or there abouts with federal fusion 140 grain,does,nt like remmy 140 grain core lokts.the stock felt alot better than the stock on a tikka t3 to me and it feels very solid

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