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    6mm remington

    Anybody got a 6mm rem die set for sale, I am about to start reloading for my new to me rifle. and as there is a lack of factory ammo available in this calibre, Im in need of brass and dies if any body has got some gathering dust!!Cheers

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    Yep 6mm Remington is a fairly rare beastie in the UK it seems Norman Clark usually has cases etc in stock so if you get stuck give him a call. I got fed up waiting for dies so I ordered direct from the US in the end and have been playing with it now for a few years.

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    I have one hundred rounds of Winchester factory 6mm Remington loaded ammunition with the 100 grain bullet sat in my cabinet!

    It is yours for 75.00 the lot if you wish. I am in Leicestershire five minutes from J21 on the M1. So it works out at 15 per box of twenty if you want a smaller amount, say 20, 40, 60 or 80.

    Please PM me if it interests you and I'll send you my mobile number. As for dies I bought mine, RCBS, on USA eBay! Even with the US $15.00 "small international box" postage they were cheaper than bought in UK.

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