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Thread: rifle stock cheek pad / riser

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    rifle stock cheek pad / riser

    hi guys
    im thinking im maybe not as comfy as i could be on the rifle and feel that i need a wee bit of height on the stock cheek piece.....can anyone recommend a good quality cheek riser
    not bothered bout it holding ammo or the like.....did see one years ago had a very fine gel pad on the top but no idea who made em....

    sauer /paul

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    I use the ones made by Hunters of England (sorry no link) but I got both of mine from Mike Norris of Brock Norris custom rifles. Very comfy and dont slip like the neoprene sleved ones tend to


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    I recently got one of the sleeves that go on your butt for holding bullets, it was not neoprene though, cut a little hole in it where the sling swivel goes through to help secure it. Then using pieces of thin foam adjusted the stalk until it felt right. Once I had the right amount of foam I just found a thicker piece to replace it and secured it to the inside of the sleeve.

    It was the levels of adjustment that caused me to go down this route. This is the one I used

    BUTT STOCK RIFLE BULLET HOLDER BLACK on eBay (end time 23-Jan-11 22:02:19 GMT)


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    cheers guys

    have one now a hunters of england one it has the gel/foam integral riser on the top also has the loops for holding rounds but doubt ill use it.

    so far its holding solid on the stock and was exactly whats needed!!!!


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