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Thread: If Heineken made dogs for deer!!!!!!!

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    If Heineken made dogs for deer!!!!!!!

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    finally got chance to get some pictures on, they were taken in December when he was 7months old. I got him to help me find deer he is now big enough to retrieve them as well!!!

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    Cracking looking dog!

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    I second that, really handsome fellah. One question, is he a trained model ? The way he poses on the same log, same expression, almost the same camera angle, but once in darkness and once in daylight, well it made me wonder. Just a fluke perhaps, but I had to do a double take to check.

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    It was late in the day when I took the first picture.We were playing about with a deer pelt for him to find, and my son was dragging it and blood scenting for me, he is very steady, but that day he must have stood on or against that log as per photos every time my son went off, I would have loved to put a caption under it typically( it didnt go this way boss) of (F....d if I know where it went) but not that good on a computer. Hence the heineken comment not carlsberg on the post.

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    He has a superb temperament for a GWP, other than being unbelievably headstrong at times, he is a pleasure to take out and train. most times 1 lesson is enough for him then he acts like he has been doing it for years. on a bad day I usually just end up exercising him and just redo basics a few times (let him know who is the boss) HAHA.

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