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Thread: minimum caliber for muntjac

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    minimum caliber for muntjac

    i wonder if my combo in 20 gage/222 remington is legal for hunting muntjac in uk?
    can you help me with best place and best price! i 'll visit uk this summer and will stay in summerset a few weeks. are there any muntjac hunting over there?

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    Hi Daniel
    All the info you need here with regards to legal calibres etc
    As for places to shoot, have a look at the Deer Stalking Opportunities tab, maybeyou can find something there, best of luck

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    thanks for the reply.
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    As per BASC site.

    For Muntjac and Chinese Water deer only- a rifle with a minimum calibre of not less than .220 inches and muzzle energy of not less than 1000 foot pounds and a bullet weight of not less than 50 grains may be used.
    For all deer of any species - a minimum calibre of .240 and minimum muzzle energy of 1,700 foot pounds is the legal requirement.

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    222 will be fine with 50 grain bullet. as the guys said as long as it makes the ftlb's

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