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Thread: somewhere too zero 243 around inverness

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    somewhere too zero 243 around inverness

    Hi there

    New to stalking and just purchased a 243,
    I have a couple off bits Off land too shoot on but not
    For zeroing the 243,
    Was wondering if there were any ranges around inveress
    area too zero it?

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    Welcome to the site Marshall. There is a full-bore range near Cawdor that has very good facilities. David

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    Sunday 20 is the next general range day at Cawdor , Starts at 10am 100/200 yards , 12 till 3pm 600 yards I would think if your there sharp and talk about membership (cough) they could possible help,
    First right after the castle and follow your nose for about 1 mile , 200yards on the left after fork in the road .

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