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Thread: Loads for the Hornet

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    Loads for the Hornet

    Hi there, just bought some 50 grain Hornady v-max and varying the loads between 12 and 13 grains of lilgun to see which works best !? Just wondering if anyone's had some experience of this combo!? Thank's lads !

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    That's a very heavy bullet for the Hornet! I assume you'll be hand feeding them as they won't fit the mag? Generally the Hornet has a fairly slow twist - it doesn't do so well with anything much over 40gr in my experience unless you load the stumpy 45gr Hornet specific bullets.

    How experienced are you with loading for it? I may be stating the obvious to a seasoned Hornet shooter but if you're new to it all these points may be something you've not thought of?!

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    Unless you are shooting rifle with a 1-14" twist (Ruger) you will have a very hard time stabilizing that bullet in a Hornet casing. The 50 grain V-Max is engineered to be as long as possible for it's weight, giving it a higher ballistic coefficient. It wasn't designed for the standard 1-16" twist Hornet at Hornet speeds. I'm not sure how stable it will be at longer ranges. There are some lighter, shorter, bullets for the Hornet. The Speer 45 grain is an excellent bullet: short and chisel-nosed and very good on game. Winchester's stubby 46 grain HP is an excellent bullet.

    All that said... If you have the 50 grn VM bullets already, then shoot them and give us a report! ~Muir

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    Hi Muir ! Yes i will give you a report soon ! The trouble is that the gun shop over here is very limited to Hornet's ammo, and i'm a sucker for wanting to experiment !! These were the only other option apart from the sierra's 40 g which i have already tried, and no these don't fit the mag either !!!!

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    Well then! I look forward to the report! Make sure you try them at extended ranges where stabilization would deteriorate, Ok? I'm curious now.~Muir

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    Wink hornet reloading

    My question is why do you want to use such a heavy bullet? you cant shoot deer with your hornet,try some 35gr vmax mate Ithink youll be pleasantly suprised. HORNET

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    Hi ! I mainly do fox shooting where it's nearly always windy !! I think that the lighter 35 gs would be knocked about a bit, but would love to give em a go despite, but like i said the shop here don't sell them !!! I'm off to the range tonight, will let you know how they went ! Please don't laugh !!

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    Hi, should of listened !!!! Shotgun style groups, all over the place they were !!! Hahaha ! Got some nice groupings from winchester's soft point 45 g of under 1/2 inch though !! Back to the drawing board i think ! Thank's lads !

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    I wish I could post some video here. (Don't do the supported networks) I have some video of my son shooting a prairiedog in the head at 150M -whilst leaning against a fence post, no less- with a Hornet, in a scathing crosswind. He did this with a 35 grain V-Max and 13.5 of Lil Gun. It was no fluke, as JAYB can attest; The kid just knows his load!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The Hornet does get wind blown but you can learn the drift with enough shooting. Here in Montana a day when the wind isn't gusting is a rarity but I still use the Hornet to shoot (at!)a thousand dogs a year.~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornet View Post
    My question is why do you want to use such a heavy bullet? you cant shoot deer with your hornet,try some 35gr vmax mate Ithink youll be pleasantly suprised. HORNET
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