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Thread: Alex Martin 243 stalking rifle

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    Alex Martin 243 stalking rifle

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    Hi all,

    I have a Alex Martin 243 stalking rifle this also comes from the lloyd collection it has lloyd mounts but is fitted with a as new nickel 4x scope with turrets.
    It is built on a mauser action and is in good condition.

    i will put up pictures soon.


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    I'd love one of these,can't buy anything right now though.
    Alex Martin of Glasgow had a very good reputation for rifles. I have a boxlock shotgun from the 1930's. Dickson and McNaughton in Edinburgh now own the brand and can probably give you details of the manufacture of that rifle if you send them the serial number.
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    sorry i am corrected thank you flanker .


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    How about the pictures??

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    pictures now added.

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