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    3 9.09%
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  • fallow

    2 6.06%
  • Roe

    17 51.52%
  • red

    4 12.12%
  • sika

    7 21.21%
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Thread: whats your favourite?

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    whats your favourite?

    we all stalk, what do you like stalking the best and why?

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    all of them
    why because each one is different and they are all as challenging as each other

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    Swampy, I'm surprised at you - where's the muntie button?! Do you have some kind of agenda here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Mole
    Swampy, I'm surprised at you - where's the muntie button?! Do you have some kind of agenda here?
    damn mole
    never saw that
    maybe i should post a few pics to show swampy what they look like

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    OH DEER! not old Dears! Gotta be a big Red, The ultimate challenge!! as all species are !!If its your hat wear it but change it now and again!, Basically Whatever's in season legal and eatable ! RED RED RED
    followed by all others! yup in a nutshell, love em all. Regards Trapper (Roy)

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    Rope deer for me, why?
    1. It`s the only one on my permission.
    2. We bagged two this evening (i`ll post a write up and pics tuesday) one of them i had to drag around the edge of one and a half wheat fields, bugger that with the Red and the Fallow!!

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    I meant to put it on, i initially put all species male and female, but they had too many options, i deleted some and must have deleted Muntjac.

    I like stalking Roe buck best.


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    What's your favourite

    For Roe and muntjac, it has to be the best. The summer mornings and evenings, the smell of the newly harvested cornfields, no traffic noise, just the sound of nature and the fantastic sunsets.

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    I do like Sika, but also Fallow and Roe. Only shot 6ish Reds lots of Roe, but I would have to say Sika are the best for me.

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    Sika, for me is the choice of quarry, luckily I have some, Roe is the choice for dragging unluckily don't get many.

    Mind you the way I am lately I am quite fond of a nice Buck rabbit


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