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Thread: A new one!

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    A new one!

    Hello everyone from South Germany!

    Iīm a 42 year old teacher (Biologie and Geographie) and hunter from Germany. Iīve been hunting since over 10 years in german hunting areas. Mostly on roe deer, wild pigs, fox, hare, ducks, phesant and crows.
    Actually I īve a license for a townnear area, wich makes hunting a bit complicating.
    My son is hunting with me (12) and we have 1 short hair Foxterier (3) and a Jack Russel Mix (4 month) as hunting dogs.

    My intrests on GB lay on: red deer stalking in Scotland and Muntjak and CWD in England, later maybe on sika.
    As I was "planing" a red deer stalking trip to Scotland for years, I didnīt find the time with job and family (2 kids 9 + 12). And I actually didnīt find a good reason to tell my wife why daddy is spending 1500,- € for one week for himselfe, when the family goes 2 weeks to Italy with 2000,- €

    Sven Peters

    PS: on the picture thereīs one of two foxes I shoot on a driven fox hunt ( 30 hunters) last weekend (17 foxes at all) in some small woods around in our area. We went through the bushes with our dog Aika and some other huters and dogs (10 from the 30).
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    Welcome to the site, sounds like you've got plenty of charlies about !!!!!!

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    If charlies are foxes....yes!
    I live in a area with lots of small towns and some lone farms. Itīs normaly a well struktured farming area. As the fox has no natural enemies here, the streets and hunters are the only. A lot of food, warm winters...
    I just got a new rifle, a Bockrilling BD 880 from Blaser (.30-06, .22 Hornet 16/70) so thereīll be less next year! ;-).

    By looking over this forum I found out that it seems very intresting for me with all this discriptions and hunting oportunitys.

    Hopefully hunting in GB next year


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    Hi sp

    welcome to the site.

    I have had the pleasure of spending quite sometime in your beautiful country last year.

    Several times i had to drive to ravensburgh out near lake constance, i was taken back by the stunning countryside you have.
    no wonder you have so many charlies about. And almost every tree has a highseat it is certainly in my top 5 destinations to visit with my stalking gear.

    I look forward to reading your posts.

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