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Thread: collectable shotgun cartridges?

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    collectable shotgun cartridges?

    I have a couple of fresh boxes of Eley Quick Trap from the 1970s which feature Jackie Stewart on the box. Anyone know if these are collectable or where I can find out. Don't just want to waste them on woodies! Have a small collection of other shotgun stuff too like some paper cased 3 inch ssgs from the 20s, home guard cartridges etc. Where's the best info source for these?



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    Wouldn't bother using them on woodies, or in fact using them at all. I had some cartridges from this era given recently, needless to say they came out the end of the barrel like a cloud of confetti, I doubt the shot made 15 yds !


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    Depands on how they have been stored.

    I shot some (25 or so) Eley Grand Prix a couple of years ago that I unearthed during a house move, they were 7s, I have not used 7s for over 30 years !!. All worked fine.


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    Give Holts Auctioneers a call. In most sales they have a good number of collectible cartridges for sale.

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    collectable shotgun cartridges?


    In the main anything plastic / 1970s aren't very collectable. A few collectors (United Kingdom Cartridge Club members) keep anything - British, foreign, paper, brass and plastic. The fact that they're in full boxes might help - Value 5 - 7 a box. The other stuff you mention may include a few gems and be considerably more valuable. Without a full list / photographs it's hard to tell. Drop me line.

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