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Thread: Plummer Terrier

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    Plummer Terrier

    Does anyone on this site have any experience with Plummer terriers. Or good advice to offer.

    It is their potential for tracking/blood-scenting and their general game/fox/deer working abilties that I'd most like to hear about.

    I like the look of these dogs and would like to know more about them.

    So, all opinions welcome (almost )

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    Don't know a lot about Brians terriers but would imagine he bred them with foxes in mind,my first dog was one of Merles pups and she was an absolute star,Brian was certainly looking for the scenting ability when breeding these terriers though so would be as good a choice as any terrier i would think.

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    I beleive he crossed them with beagles for scent and SBT for strength so they should be tough little critters.


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    Thanks Dawnraider. I gather Brian was into his "ratting" in a big way which is why I'm a little surprised by some of the traits he chose to breed into his dogs. Long legs and scenting abilities seem more than is required for rats or even fox at earth. However, it's precisely those longer legs and nose that I see as being so potentially useful on deer, then the terrier purists say their height tends to spoil them for earth work (or the taller examples of the breed at any rate). I guess you choose from the proper under 14" height bloodlines if the capability for dealing with fox at earth is on your list of desired traits.

    For me it's the concept of, essentially, a rangey Jack Russell with scenting and also smaller game retreiving abilties that seems very appealing, that and the fact that they are generally nice looking, compact, easy clean, dogs too.

    Before anyone tells me I should consider BMH, I already have and I fear their ears would get ripped to shreds on the scenery, doing the sort of work I have in mind here-abouts and that redmist button of the terrier has it's uses too, around the farm.

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    Plummers can be buggers for fighting and i wouldnt say their nose is any better than any other dog , alot of lads are useing terrier/beagles for hunting stoat and such on the fells but their a bit big for earth work . I used a slape coated patterdale for years , good nose and a bit up on the leg he was a good all rounder but hes 14 now , all my terriers will hunt a trail but they will also pop down any hole because thats what they do most . I would go down that line if your not alive with Mr Grumpy and his family

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnraider View Post
    my first dog was one of Merles pups and she was an absolute star, Neil.
    Sorry to be so ignorant Neil... but I've only just reread a bit about who Merle was, in the scheme of things... but...

    Was Merle a lurcher, a terrier crossed lurcher, or what?

    What was your own dog's sire?

    Are you still involved with the breed?

    From what I can read Brian seems to have been trying to create pretty much a "Do it all" sort of dog. Terrier, hound, retreiver, pet.

    Would that be a fair statement?

    If yes, then on the face of it I would think he maybe tried to match wildly contrasting traits but I don't have any actual experience of the breed. So I don't know how well he and his followers have done in acheiving these ambitions. What do you reckon?

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    i have seen a few plummers about and only one was good under ground
    some can and will start trouble but not all are like that.
    all the ones i seen had better than average nose
    and will bark on scent which i like my self
    you have to be carefull where you buy plummers as it has breeders that are not truth full
    as like any breed

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    Hello mate i have two plummers and a whippet and use them to hunts rats and rabbits but they follow hares for miles 1st thing in the morning and what characters they are and i wouldnt say they were fighters i have had patterdales that were a lot worse i can post some pictures if you want


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    Tamus...i got my Plummer just over 2 years ago. i wanted him to bush and rat, a bit of earthwork a companion whilst out and also as a scent dog for when i start on the deer. So far he hasnt let me down, his nose is exceptional. i have every confidence that once i start on the deer he will be a great tracking dog for what i want. they can be fiery so pick your lines well, and as some have said some dont like other dogs...


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    I have a jrt short hair short leg dog, i use him ratting beating and rough shooting and he also tracks deer, he will work all day non stop and is pretty well behaved but will fight and doesnt mind what he gets stuck into, he will not retrieve he will find and kill but leave at that spot but hey he is a terrier!

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