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Thread: first muntjack and a thankyou

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    first muntjack and a thankyou

    i would like to say a thankyou to bunwell wood shoot as i contacted him about swapping a highseat for a stalk on his ground well seat made and arranged a date for last weekend but my van broke down and inlaws coming from away had to re scedule for yesterday morning so set off to norfolk on friday night to be there for sat at 5.30am. well drive down was crap fog and rain so didnt think it would still go ahead but carried on anyway.i finally got there and a cup of tea and a chat with mark and rob about what we was going to do and off the ground we had to go in darkness on the first piece of ground as we had to go past where they hold up so stalk in darkness and sit in a seat for things to calm down .well rain was still strong and abit windy so my hopes where not good .rob had been doing a reccy on this piece for weeks in anticipation of me coming and true to his word as the light started to break the pheasents flew down to a feeder squirrels went to there area and hopefully anytime now the muntys would arrive ,well after a few hours it was a no show but was convinced the wheather was to blame but rob was more gutted than me . i kept telling him that was stalking and you cant book the wheather it was back to clean the rifle and a big breakfast made by marks wife. some good banter and alot of laughs we planned to put up the highseat i had braught and then go to an area where the big reds had been as we loaded up we got a call to say that the reds where on the ground so off we went now i was well exited as i have never seen a big english red so even if a shot never presents itself to see one would be very exiting.we got to the ground and made our way to where they had been spotted but was moving off onto another piece of ground.bummer another missed chance but we dicided to put the seat inplace as the wheather was breaking and a good evening stalk should be on the card. seat in place in view of a big red track and wallow this was a really good spot with lots of cover for mr munty the ground looked exellent .off back for a cuppa and a new plan was hatched we would stalk a ground on foot tonight and just before last light make our way to a seat overlooking a big ride with exellent tree cover for the muntys well a few steps onto the ground mark saw a munty so explained where the safe shots and backstops where and how he wanted me to make my way through the ground as i would lead the way . i set off with my heart pounding ,i have never seen a muntjack for real so was very exited a few steps and glasses up scanning the area and then move slowly off this went on for around ten yards when there she was my first glimse of a muntjack doe an easy shot around sixty yards but mark explained the shot was not on and we had to move further round for a safe shot so off again slowly moving forward and around only to lose sight of her so glassing all the time but abit further round a group of roe .this was looking good i kept moving slowly round when out of some cove a muntjack buck came leaping out with a doe chasing we froze and dropped to the floor they where only around 40 yrds off in and out of cover all the time. mark wanted to move further round to some cove but i was not sure i would make it without giving us away so we decided to wait for them to move round for a safe shot i layed down and steadied myself glassing all the time as the dissapeared into thick cover and just when it looked like they had moved away she jumped out now the decission do i wait for the nice buck to maybe come out or take the perfect shot on the off and squeeze down she went a quick flicker of the back leg and a new round chambered it became apparent how much i was shaking with exitement mark turned to me grinning and then i explained that she was my first munty well we layed there taking in the moment (if only i stil smoked) . off to retreive my muntjack for gralloch mark said did i want to do the honours and still shaking i agreed and made a right balls up of it but got there in the end.still covered in blood and i looked up to see another buck about thirty yrds off nose to the ground my phone went off my son needed a lift home from a mates a few quite words like bugger off and get sarah to sort it we stalked on only to come across 4 roe in front and 2 more muntys to the side. blimey now where do i go i was spoilt for choice i decided to carry on for the seat as the muntys where in the wrong direction for the wind .off i moved stopping everytime the roe lifted a head and moving off when feeding now the doe was moving in the direction of the seat and into open ground for a shot but again mark explained i needed to move round more for another safe shot but then the game was up i moved too far round and a group of pigeons gave my position away and off the moved into cover. i finally made it to the seat with a low mist forming on the grass started glassing for more deer.mark had caught me up and joined me in the seat and checking all around no sign but then a figure appeared another muntjack i set my self up ,safety off and squeezed the 270 round was away and to my suprise this munty lept around 4 feet in the air and took off on three legs my heat sank i had ****ed the shot ,did i allow for such an angle of fire ,all sorts raced through my mind it ran about 10 yrds under a tree but i never saw it come out the other side so we waited a couple of minutes till i said i would stalk down and take a look leaving mark a good position to see if it runs again .on aproach i could see the munty dead under the tree after checking for signs i dragged it out only to see another perfect heart shot . a better gralloch we where off home big grins all round and two munjack in the bag i cannot say how much exitement i had and new friends made and definately will be going back i feel exellent company and fantastic ground with lots of deer .heres a few pics as i have waffled on for far too long,atb wayne.
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    Nice one Wayne, enjoyed the write up bet your well chuffed
    Im off down to Berkshire soon for a weekend after munties as a guest with forum member, really looking forward to it . DF

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    thanks,df they are fascinating creatures hope you do well ps they dont stop for long sneaky little blighters

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    Nice write up, thanks. One of the hardest creatures to get on to, well done to you and Mark.

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    Thanks for that wayne , we had a great day too. Hope to see you before too long. Keep in touch.


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    Well done Wayne, excellent write up, the grin says it all !

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    hi wayne well done you and mark on the double
    atb tom

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    well done wayne
    keep making them seats i keep finding good spots.
    the beards coming on a treat now

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    ha ha thats the new zealand look do you like it,i will have that one finished for you this week john and we can get it fitted as soon as you are free,thanks for all your responces i really had a fantastic time atb wayne

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    wayne is that seat in the picture the same as you are making for me mate ?



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