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Thread: Moderator on lightweight barrel ??

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    Moderator on lightweight barrel ??

    Is it possible to thread lightweight, slim barrels for use of a moderator?
    A-tec CMM 4 or Roedale lightweight

    What would be the minimum barrel thickness?

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    My guess,
    up to 7mm, thread 1/2x20 UNF barrel ~ 14mm min. To have a bit of shoulder.
    up to 30 cal, thread 1/2x28 UNEF barrel same as above.
    both fairly standard threads.


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    Thanks Edi. I make plans for a lightweight stalking rifle and wondered if barrels like on a T3 lite have enough material to be threaded.

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    T3 lite is no problem to thread, up to 30 cal. Not sure about the barrel geometrie with the larger calibres.
    I've heard tikka came out with a new ultra light ??? talk came from the US. They might have a thinner barrel.
    The T3 lite is easily ok with 1/2" threads. I have one.
    Hales, will you go to the IWA?

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    Thanks Edi. I have never been to the IWA, but love to go once in the future. Professionals only???? If you go and you drive through Belgium, feel free to come and say hallo. I am on 5 min from the main motorway from the coast to Brussels/ Liège/ Aachen.

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    Hales, sorry we are flying in to Frankfurt Hahn and taking a car from there.
    IWA is professionals only and one cannot buy anything
    Then again we'd get you a ticket and one can also somehow buy things there at a push.

    Just, Nuernberg is quite some drive from Brussels, guess 600 - 700km??


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    I have a Tikka Lite Barrel in .30-06 and had it cut with a 1/2UNF thread no drama's.

    The IWA looks like it could be a good weekend. New toys and German can't go far wrong! Flights are looking round the £140 mark.

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    my mate has a new T3 light in 223, and has the 3rd eye tactical mod on it all 1/2 unf no problems at all, he did have a t4 on it but it looks silly ( Mahoosive mod on a slim barrel ) he did find the rifles poi changed by 2.4 " higher when the mod was removed and test fired,

    but now with the new 3rd eye one his poi is only changed by less than 1"and its fully stripable.

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    Ive got a Atec maxim on a x-bolt fluted barrel with a zeiss cope on it its lovely and light, i'll weigh it toninght and let you know

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    My stanless Remmy barrel is very thin but took a 1/2" thread fine.

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