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Thread: my favourite wee lassie.

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    my favourite wee lassie.

    here she is,7 years old and given us 4 grand big calfs,,although one year my understalker nailed her calf..

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    Hey there!

    I forgot to say when we came up over Christmas time there was huge group of hinds next to the lodge, I think they thought food was on the menu! They ran after us and there was very tame lead hind that was much braver than the rest, perhaps the same one as the one above?
    Gaick pictures on here asap!


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    hi brian,yip they are pretty keen lately,and to be honest there has been a few of the yearlings and jennicks, a liitle bit poor looking,a wee bit of a worry but i will be leaving them,on the hope that they pull through,it is always the same though as soon as the grass breaks the surface they gorge and there ends up a few at the road side,i will keep feeding them until the grass appears......prossably july before that happens lol.cheers d.m

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    Hey..I'll post the picture of the hind later on, good to see your looking after them so well, looking forward to coming up soon!

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