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Thread: enzo knives

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    enzo knives

    Has anyone seen or used the enzo trapper 95 knife?

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    I have one in the back of the cupboard somewhere. it was a gift from someone who doesn't understand the requirements of a stalking knife. Burlwood handle scales and a soft leather sheath makes it unsuitable for gralloching, for me.

    Balance and general feel is good though. It would be great with a solid plastic handle and sheath. I use a Fallkniven as my main knife.

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    Marshall, is it for stalking or doing bushman stuff. Whittling and making things out of wood etc. If its the latter then have at it.

    need to go along with scotsgun on the fallkniven route, I use an F1 but if you want a good stalking knife a kershaw is worth a look. Used one till recently when I gave it to an old friend. Great steel for cheap dosh.

    I use a clip point for roe

    If its a pose your after get a nice hand made puma. I have both of these in a drawer somewhere. I also have the leather sheath for the prince.

    Make me an offer

    Have fun
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