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    I was reading through a few threads and noticed that many a stalker on here aspires to stalking and shooting him self a medal head and a gold at that. How important do you as stalkers consider it is to shoot a trophy deer (buck or stag ).eg medal type. Also how many have joined the so called gold club.

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    Medal Heads

    6.5x55, A gold medal head is not important to me. In the fifteen years or so I have been on my ground I have come to realise that I will probably not come across one ever. My best by far is a bronze that was measured by Domonick Griffith (oops) at the Deer Fair when the show was at Cornbury Park.

    I have a sack full of heads and more scattered about my sheds that are nowhere near medal class, but there is something about a roe head that I cannot throw it away.

    What happened to the Deer Fair? It was a really good show that just seemed to dissapear.

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    I'm not that fussed for a medal either, of whatever species. I have seen some fantastic Red, Fallow and Sika heads. As I don't have any ground that would be leased from me, the importance of Medals is not relevant due to the fact that all my Stalking is pleasure and I'm not out there to make money from it as a source of income.

    I can to some extent understand why some estates go on about the standard of Trophy on the ground, but they are in it to make money. You are not going to publicly announce that you have no Trophy animals if you are trying to lease/let/sell the stalking rights...

    Deer Management not Trophy Stalking for me.

    That's not to say that I wouldn't shoot a Trophy if it was on my lease/let/ground. But I wouldn't go out to actively seek, stalk and shoot a specific Trophy.


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    I also thought a medal head was worth nothing till i shot one off my own ground. This piece of ground i took over 15 years ago past June and while it had a good many roe deer on it they were light of body and in general pour condition .Because there was no real issue of tree damage etc i could set about a management plan that would not be effected much by any one else. I started by bringing the numbers down by removing a good many yearlings and a few older beasts. It was at this time i noticed the older bucks were carrying good heavy antlers even if there body weights were not what they should be. Six years later the body weights had went up by a full 25% and the first medal head was removed off the ground a Bronze medal of 107 cic points .Four years after that i shot a silver this head is a real beauty and one of the most exhausting satisfying stalks i have ever had. Then two years back my nabour shot a gold A real heavy head for its height a good old fella and he was over the moon.IN june i shot my first ever gold what a buzz it was and hopefully the reason is good management his score was 130.8 but it is a gold.

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    When I shot my Buck Stone told me it was a very good head, I have kept it but more interested in a nice Roe dinner

    Never been one for the pedantic stupidity that often surrounds this trophy dick envy crap ..sorry no dis intended on those who do just lost on me

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    Just read 6.5x55's post fully and I understand the feeling of acheivement from improving your bloodline that is laudable to be something you are very proud of the kind of guys I aim my contempt for are the type who only see the trophy but the things that make it great for some of us is lost on these individuals.

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    6.5x55 just to agree with what has allready been said and its nice to hear were all thinking along the same lines could have shot a gold on my patch three weeks ago but i let him be more interested in the management side and getting good heads learning all the time but seen six medal heads in the last week alone . took a friend out on this site and put him on a medal head within five minutes got as much pleasure in taking him out as i would have shooting the deer myself . you can only shoot em once not a member of the if its brown its down brigrade or my dicks bigger than yours because ive shot a gold club .

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