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Thread: Thank you Solway Stalker

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    Thank you Solway Stalker

    Thank you Colin for arrangeing an exellent day Stalking Goats on the Forrest Estate can you give a big thank you to John and Ian for taking myself and Phill out to get our Billys
    we will arrange to come up and see you soon the only down side for you north of the border boys was Saturdays game still theres always next year 6-24 i belive

    once again Many Thanks

    Paul D

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    He seems a great chap.
    I will have to meet colin this year.

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    he is a genuine guy and good company even though he only arranged the goats for us he came to the hotel every night to have a pint and a chat we will definetly be going up to see him again later this year he took two young lads out one a novice and they both got their deer just a shame that he had to put up with us gloating over the Welsh boys win over them and while ime at it Colin the Dragons beat Edinburugh this weekend as well

    Paul D

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    Hi Paul
    How many goats did u shoot ,coudnt find any tday have you turned it into curry yet
    One of the guys had good hind today i had a blank with my guy but a good walkout
    Dont really follow that rugby union pal ,wit till we play you at fitba
    Good to meet you guys ,hope to see you again soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by www.yorkshireroestalking. View Post
    He seems a great chap.
    I will have to meet colin this year.
    Yes Colin is a bit of a legend ! he even taught Bruce Lee to stalk

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    Hello Colin
    only the 20 mate left a couple for you as we new you would be looking for them this week did you not find them behind that big stone

    the Wife has made a pie out of some ready for the Sunday Club tastes good should go down well at the pub will sort some dates out soon mate and let you know

    Paul D

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