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Thread: Help with mystery advertizer

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    Help with mystery advertizer

    There is a fellow advertizing in Shooting Sports.

    Monmouth area. Ring mobile for details. 07789971218

    The only trouble is that he does not answer his phone or reply to left messages. Does anyone know who he is ??

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    Could that be Elmar Fud off this site?

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    I too rang the number and left a message several weeks ago, and have received no reply to date! Its not Elmer Fud's number.



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    I think that beacause the advert is free,the fellow cannot be bothered. i spoke to somebody else who had tried to contact them & left messages as well with no reply. Time waster ???????

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    perhaps he has stuffed up and the phone number is out or perhaps it is a prank and an Anti's phone number has been given!!


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