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Thread: Good Morning from a new member

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    Good Morning from a new member

    I would like to introduce my self as a new member of the forum. I farm in Essex and spend much of my free time either stalking or shooting. I have been stalking for about 10 years and have DSC 1&2. The first time I went I was well and truly hooked by these fascinating and beautiful animals.
    As to big rifles I use a 6.5x55 with 120 Norma bt and an old but still incredibly accurate Finnbear .270 win.which has a diet of 130 Federals.
    I manage deer Suffolk and Essex -fallow roe and muntjac.

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    welcome chiron hope you find the site usefull, i manage red fallow and roe in the westcountry using a sauer 202 .243. i remember the finnbear it was the first fullbore rifle i had some 35 years ago they dont make sakos like that anymore.

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    Hi Chiron, welcome to the site and hope you enjoy using it. There are alot of helpful guys here who will go out of their way at times to help you, so if you have question just ask. I too shoot 6.5 , with 120 grain pro hunter which I use for Roe. How do you find the 120s on your Fallow, never shot them so interested to know...have to agree about the deer being fascinating...every time I go out I learn something new from them.



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