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Thread: anti fogging tricks tips

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    anti fogging tricks tips

    hi folks ,
    well i been lucky enough to have been asked to help shoot some roe does on local estate
    seeing as i lost a bit o my own permission.....

    long story short i got into a bunch of does on saturday and had a major bout of buck/doe fever ....probably coz i aint been out for a while.....and i my fitness is crap so i was hanging out of my ass shaking like hell and sweating like buggery......
    finally got myslef sorted out and dropped a doe n calf but the scope and my binos were fogging up like hell coz of the sweat/heat i was throwing off

    apart from obvious get fitter etc anyone got any good tips / products for lenses to help aid not fogging up???

    fat bar steward

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    i havnt had that problem with my bins but when i used to race motorbikes my visor would steam up from hyper ventilating ,especially the tt circuit and the best thing i found was bob heath visor spray it comes in a small bottle and is only a couple of quid from a bike shop and works a treat its non damaging so would be fine on bins/scopes ,atb wayne
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    I used rub spit in my face mask when out diving to stop it from steaming up which worked extremely well. Not tried it with my scope or bino's but might be worth a try?


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    yeah do that with my mask when diving too, but im not gobbing on my swaro and my bins....!!!!!

    id rather try the no damaging nicer stuff , also not hyperventilating with buck/doe fever might help!!!!! havent been hnit with that for a while

    cheers guys


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    As Mereside says the Bob Heath visor spray is pretty good.

    I fence with a visor mask that can steam up during hard bouts and have tried the Bob Heath visor spray but also StormClear anti-fogging sticks available from Direct Shooting Supplies

    The only thing I would be unsure about is whether they either of these products could interact negatively with the special muti-coated lens on top bins and scopes


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    Dont tuck your binos inside your jacket.
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    neal i dont think it will effect the coating as i use an irridium visor multicoated it looks like oil on water and has never taken this off i have a spare set of bins and some spray so will give it a test ,atb wayne

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