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    I was wanting to know what the most common technique for using a deer call is, i've recently bought a "buttalo" from bushwear and if i tried hard enough i could play a couple of half decent Eagles' numbers with it. now obviously a squeeking version of hotel california is not the way forward so can i have some advice with this please

    many thanks

    Mr Fish

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    deer call

    this gives a good account.

    hope you are well.


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    You beat me to it, Swampy - I was looking for the link when you posted it

    Mr Fish, some advice - don't practice using the call on your ground and don' t use the call till you are certain the rut is on otherwise you will simply make the deer street wise.


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    And keep it in your pocket when you use it, I always find this helps.


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    Does anyone here have tips on 'tuning' the butallo call or do you use it straight 'as is'?

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    when i was out with buckup steyr.243 was doing a demo with his and buckup said it sounded like his arse cheeks chafing i dont know how he knew what they sounded like

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    just looked at that link you posted, thanks very much for that i'll give it a try

    i reckon it will take a bit of practice though

    i'm keeping well, hope you are too

    thanks for the other tips aswell guys

    Mr fish

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    try this site Mr Fish and if any one can speek german i think they could help alot.

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