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Thread: Stolen Highseat

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    Stolen Highseat

    I have had a highseat stolen, it was a Jagersport "Alu" portable seat, the pictures are of the exact same model, mine also had the rear leg extentions which turned it into a freestander.
    I would appreciate it if any members hear of one for sale on the cheap, the cost of the seat today is 510 + vat, the rear leg kit costs an extra 265.00. I am prepared to pay a finders fee, and if you have any idea of the scumbags name that stole it, Strathclyde Police will be very interested I imagine. It went "missing" from the East Kilbride/Stewarton/Eaglesham area.

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    I had someone take mine a few months back..bloody frustrating as you know its most likely a shooter or being passed to another shooter. I have been trying to find out id there are any cheap tracking devices that can be fitted to an item such as a high seat. It would need to be something that 'sleeps' until moved..Ive seen trackers with mercury tilt switches for just that puropose. It would need a decent battery live to track it down,need to be tiny enough to conceal, able to alert you via your mobile and if possible be easily mapped via google earth. I am pretty sure such things will exist but cant find them on a search.I know a farmer friend of mine had a load of chainsaws ect nicked and the police 'planted' chainsaw with a tracker in it....I would think it would have been as I am looking for.

    Does anyone have any info on such trackers or have any pals in the police who know of such trackers??

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    It is annoying chickenman, but I think in the majority of cases a tracker such as you suggest would be too expensive.
    My highseat has been marked with a security pen in a very hard place to find so it will be easy to prove ownership if it comes up.

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    I think you will be correct Buck, maybe in years to come they will come down, but if I was getting seats nicked all the time I would maybe look into some kind of device. My problem was i didnt chain the seat up , so im a fool for that. I am getting the guys at work to make me some steel cable ties to go round the seat and the tree in order I can stop it happening again. Hope you get you seat back..but failing that maybe who-ever stole it will slip on the top round on a cold frosty morning, fall off and snap their I allowed to think such thoughts?

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    I would also keep and eye on the shooting mags with free adverts in them ,local free adds,news-papers etc and net sites like gumtree in your area. I know of folk who had tools nicked and the dullards who stole them advertised them the following week.

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    we lost one just before christmas it had ratchet straps and was chained and padlocked it slows them down but if they want it they will take it.
    very frustrating as it was a very productive seat and quite expensive and obviously we have been reluctant to replace it in the same spot as we dont want it to go again, these guys must have worked real hard to take it as it was in a very isolated place with no vehichular access. W**K**S if they are prepared to work that hard they would benefit from a proper job.
    Sorry to hear you lads have also been hit with the same *****y stick.
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    went stalking near reading on saturday the old boys who invited me had a reeves seat stolen ,seems like this is becoming one of those nasty little diseases .lets hope the catch just that !!

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    Maybe a Trail Camera would be worth considering.

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    I would love to invest in a few metal seats but all the time these toerags are about probably poaching as well I think I will stick to 4x2 and a handful of nails

    Atb Steve

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    Sorry to here the news lads, but this is exactly the reason why i wont spend money on high seats the odd wooden permanent structure that no one wants maybe but not the type that can be easly taken away to many scum bags about Best of luck finding your kit !!!!

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