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    Tikka M695

    Well folks ive finally got my Tikka paid off and looking forward to many years of service with the bad boy (.270) anyhow its right handed and im a southpaw so i was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere that i'd be able to pick up a left handed stock if the right hander causes me any aggro. That said I've never had any issues with them before (bar one on a BSA superten many moons ago). Google seems to draw a blank everytime I try!

    Thanks Karl

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    the right handed stock shouldnt really cause you anty problems i shot a right hooker 595 for years till i got a lefty until you shoot a left hander you wont know the difference it makes ( just ease of cycleling the bolt )

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    yup very true

    in fact you might even disagree till you used a true left hander couple o times then youll never go back......

    cost me a fortune coz i then moved all my rifles to true left handers


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    I was looking for a LH stock for my 595 a while ago. I eventualy found a firm that offered laminate stock blanks that were semi inlet. I was going to get a left handed version of the Sako hunter stock and i'm sure it was under 300. if you want there details i will dig out the email that they sent me with the price and options.


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    I can't envisage any problems beside the bolt access in a hurried situation. Practice will get you over that no bother.

    Congratulations on choossing the .270 win. A marvelous calibre!

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    Thanks chaps, I'm going to see how it goes with the right handed stock for now.

    Thanks DC basically limited funds led me down the route of a 'One Gun' and with goat & boar just over the border needed something that packed a bit more punch than the good old .243, from what I've read I wont be disappointed.

    Cheers Karl

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    Hope it works for you, but I know I couldn't adapt so have never bought a right-handed rifle. I've used lots, and the lack of a cheekpiece and odd leverage on the bolt is a trial. The M695 is as smooth as silk, but others feed roughly cack-handed because they lack its' guide rails, and the pressure is applied in the wrong place.

    It always perplexes me that the majority of shooters don't realise the effort of adjusting to something in the opposite field. They only understand this when they actually try it. They wouldn't dream of buying a left-handed rifle, and I feel the same way about what they buy.

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