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    Wrote off my Isuzu trooper on black ice,so in the market for a s/h 4x4 stalking vehicle
    on a limited budget and stalk full time, not just a weekend stalker cover around 30,000
    miles per year, so need something reliable,and something that I can work on myself
    so no fancy electronics that need diagnostic equipment.

    Been looking at Mitsubishi Pajeros and Toyota Surfs both imports very good condition for age, but have been told fuel economy is not good on the Surfs.
    Pajeros come in 2.5 or 2.8 been told cylinder heads can be a problem on the 2.5 is this the same engine as is in the l200 pickup.

    Would be interested to hear from anyone who has experience of Pajeros or Surfs
    on reliability or likely problems.

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    2.4 surfs can have cyl head trouble too but generally I prefer toyota to mitsi. If you can afford 3000 ish buy a 4.2 landcruiser.(1990 to 1997) Fuel economy is bizarrely as good as a hilux, sometimes better and you'll REALLY struggle to break it. I've owned a few, got a hilux at the moment which is ok and for me the 5 seat/pickup combo works well- but if I could have a landcruiser doublecab pick up I'd swap back tomorrow. You'll never get stuck and never need the AA. I sold one to a good mate 3 or 4 years ago and he is pretty hard on machines. He's still got it. At 220,000miles it still doesn't use oil.

    Best of luck Tom
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    a guy i know had a surf and he was for ever under the bonnet on it and spent a bit of time on the hard shoulder

    i had a Navara for a bit an 04 plate, lovely machine but the older ones suffer mechanical problems, i dont think you'll go far wrong with a Hilux, they go forever!

    but as with buying any second hand motor, you pays your money and you takes your chances, good luck!

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    I had an engine drop out whilst driving a Surf!

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    I have a 2.5 lt pajero. The prob with the head occurs if they spend extended periods idle whilst being prepared, auctioned off and transported to the UK. Stipulate a cyclinder head gasket replacement job when buying and you should be fine.

    I bought an old K plate fieldmaster wagon which had a knock or scrape on practically every panel, every door pocket and cubby hole was stuffed with japanese sweetie wrappers but had done only 28,000 miles. Obviously little mama-san had used it for school runs and couldn't park it, but it cost me only 1200.

    I will tell you one thing though, it'll feel underpowered and not as 'planted' in comparison to your trooper.

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    I have a 98 toyota colorado. Had head problems at 80k (not unheard of apparently) which cost 3k to fix, but now on 180k with no problems. Always starts never stops, tows a large twin axle caravan effortlessly, with two kayaks on the roof and bikes on the back and fully loaded Auto box makes everything easy. Average 25 mpg on daily use. Use it, abuse it it will still keep going. Like the hilux on Top gear indestrucable. I would have another tomorrow.
    Why do the UN/taliban/somali warlords buy so manu toyotas? look at the news and they are the most popular brand in any third world/remote country (also Australia).
    My wife had a 98 corolla 100k never went in for anything than a service, now she has a 01 lexus (toyota) IS200 70k and she loves it, very reliable.
    Enough said.

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    Have you thought about a land rover discovery, you can pick them up pretty cheap, parts are cheap and very easy to work on as long as you dont buy a td5 there very simple. Just check the inner wings and boot floor as they rot, apart from that there very good and not too bad on fuel around 28mpg round town and about 35 mpg on a run.

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    Toyota 2.4 head & bad clutch, nissan navara, check which engine ,(1 has soft shells ) mitsi 2.8 sound, disco spares abound ! import japs have a leaner diesel set up , & our diesel can boils the head & climate kills them, due to no underseal !. landy's get eaten away on the steel work too. My choise & i had a few mitsi 2.8 auto (any) & terrano II for off the shelf, or Disco to play with, for the extras.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fairacre View Post
    Why do the UN/taliban/somali warlords buy so manu toyotas? look at the news and they are the most popular brand in any third world/remote country.
    Enough said.
    Derail derail!

    Because they are cheap in those country's unlike imported Land Rovers. All 4x4 s if looked after will perform, some better than others.

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    hi, i have had disco,s /defender90/nisson/toyota all good 4x4

    at present i have a toyota 2.4 crew cad, which i am thinking of selling

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