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Thread: Tomorrows the last day

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    Tomorrows the last day

    Finished Hind cull not stalking tomorrow, just tidy up the larder etc, will have a few days off before starting on the Roe Does.
    How has the season been for you guys.

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    Dull, only shooting 50 hinds this season.

    Havent been out much to be honest.
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    Struggled a bit of late. Weather hasn't helped with mist and rain. Had a good start. Should just about get to 50.

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    Last day out for me today, heavy rain and sleet in the higher ground but as usual, bumped a hind and calf on way back off the hill.
    Soaked through and tired now but there's nowhere else I'd rather be!!
    First blood for the new rifle too since running in and final zero session on Sat, so all in all a good end to the season.

    Looking forward now to the Roe bucks.

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    Another very quiet season on the estate I ghillie on, few days with guests and shot 15 ourselves for processing. They've been Trying to build the numbers back last few years but it doesn't seen to be happening, which is due to a few different factors. I have also shot fewer red and sika on my own ground due to heavy culling round about but I did have to cull more roe doe's and kids than usual (25) due to excessive damage to trees.
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