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Thread: Trimming one fired brass

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    Trimming one fired brass

    Hoping someone can answer this one for me : I have some once fire brass that I want to reload for my rifle, the brass has been fire formed in another rifles chamber so I have neck sized the brass then trimmed to 2.035" but when i tried the cases in my rifle i am finding that the bolt is hard to close why would this be and what do i do ?


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    i think you have gone wrong with the neck sizing , i always thought if you are using once fired brass from another rifle , you have to fully re-size then re-fire form the case to your rifle and try again .

    well thats what i do and it works for me !

    good luck .

    cheers lee

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    +1 full length re size then use in your rifle then neck size only once fire formed in your rifle !!!

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    Thanks guys just wanted to check before going any further. Think i will just stick to my own fire formed brass , seems easier.


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    I suggest you full length size your brass every time. Secondly, have a read of the following article.

    The Rifleman's Journal: Cartridges: Long Range Reloading Safety - .308 and Others

    Good luck. JCS

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    Thanks JCS interesting read



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    Not a problem. German Salazar has a wealth of interesting stuff.

    The Rifleman's Journal: Articles Index

    Too much to read at one sitting, but one to keep coming back to and having another read.

    Thanks JCS

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    Once you've full length sized the brass once you can trim it then fire form it to your own chamber. From then onwards you can just neck size - maybe for 5 times before full length resizing again. I think I'm on neck size cycle 4 at the moment with mine and they shoot well with no signs of faliure on any case.


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    Looks like a full length resizing die is on the shopping list .



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    Got it sorted , turned out it was operator error with the dies .

    Thanks for your help.


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