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Thread: big boar

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    big boar

    The pics aint great but its the only camera i got working at the moment, just a comparison pic with a boar we photographed saturday and sunday
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    It looks tasty to me

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    Wish we had them in north Yorkshire !!!!!!!

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    One day! hopefully anyway.

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    Apollo looks like you are into them again mate that looks like a big Lad/

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    mate i thought it was a went there friday night and had a group come through the wood behind us and wind us at about 15 yards, we then spent half an hour listening to one on its own snapping every branch in the wood

    weve just yesterday picked up a small area for six weeks as they are going to fence the field off to keep them out, if you didnt live 5 hours away that one would have yur name on it for your hospitality before xmas and your always welcome to come try your luck on one...

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    this is a a pic of a fallow doe and one of him to see size differance

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    Wow, that is one big boy. Wouldn't like to meet him on a dark night in a bad temper - you'd want him to go down and stay down!
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    Chase him up my way any time your ready mate I take it you will be camped out after him until the fence is up.



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    Best of luck and thanks for the offer mate he shure is tempting but i will leave him to you boys i would only miss . Keep me a few slices that will do me.

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