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Thread: Meindl Vakums or Drover Extremes

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    Meindl Vakums or Drover Extremes

    Lads looking to invest in a new pair of boots,most of my stalking is woodland ,on roads and tracks,and i dont see this changing in the foreseeable future.
    Would it be true to say that the the extra height in the Drovers would be more suited to the hill ?
    Has anyone had both of these boots,the brother has the Vakums ,and likes them so much he nearly wears them to bed.I'm just wondering what the advantages/disadvantages of the extra height in the Drovers might be.

    Cheers..... B

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    Douvre Extremes are very good and heard nothing but good reports... plenty ankle support.

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    I have used Douvre Extreme's for 18 months, Granted the are a high leg boot plenty of support etc.

    I find the trick is not to over tighten the laces, allowing some movement, works for me anyway!!!


    Rgds. Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Iam on my 4th pair of Douvre Extremes,I would never have anything else .I have them on 7 days a wk.

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    Douvre extreme's you will not be dissapointed .

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    Yes the Dovre are very comfortable and keep your feet dry. I bought a pair exactly a year ago but only started wearing them in August .They are about to be sent back to Meindl the rand on both boots has split/cracked .I expect them to carry out the repair free of charge but that is at their discression.Iwill let you know how I get on .Has anyone else had the same problem ?

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    Cough up the extra money for lundhags i'll bet they'll work out cheaper in the long run JMHO.

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    I had a problem with my first pair of douvre's leaking on the left boot, they were about 18 months old and i sent them back to Bramwell who are the meindl agents in the UK and they tested them and confirmed a leak so they sent me a brand new pair.

    Cant say fairer than that.


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    Blaser .270
    Hi if you have a retailer near you who sells Hanwag boots check out the trapper gtx range
    Got a pair last December wouldn't be without them they are brilliant fully waterproof very comfortable from day 1
    I tried on may makes of boot before going for these.

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    Thanks for all the replies men,i'm still confused.

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