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Thread: Up to no good

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    Up to no good

    Leading on from the previous thread about a stolen highseat I was wondering if anyone on here as ever caught anybody red handed in the act of thieving ?

    Most of the farms I frequent have fallen victim at some time or another, stolen quadbikes, chainsaws, fuel, tools etc etc etc, but hardly anybody ever sees the the culprit(s), they just go for something from a shed and find it is not there !

    As stalkers we are generally out at unusual hours and as likely candidates as anyone to witness someone up to no good.

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    Hi All
    Many years ago while i was a youngish squaddy me and my mate caught a scrote breaking into a car in a carpark in Bournemouth about six weeks after my own car had been done in the same carpark, any way we grabbed hold of him and he resisted so we resisted back with our boots.While we were resisting him some of the bouncers in the nightclub across the road saw what was happening and came and dragged us off him and severely remonstrated with us for going over the top,they said we should have just held him and called the police it turned out to be a car belonging to one of the bouncers who was a serving marine at Poole, while the marine was giving him a good kicking we did try to explain that perhaps he should just call the police,funny he ignored us

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    Many years ago I was driving through one of my management forests when I passed a parked small lorrry loaded with Xmas trees which had been sawn off.
    A large dog was jumping about on the front seat but no-one was in sight.
    I did not recognise the vehicle and was curious as to why these trees were being taken in view of their age group which was years in excess of Xmas tree size so I noted down the registration number.
    Further along my road I passed some trees which had fallen off the lorry.
    I found no deer as obviously the area had been disturbed.
    When I returned the vehicle had gone.
    Upon my return home I notified the Estate Office who then contacted the Police. A constable called to see me and took notes of the incident also the slip of paper upon which I had registered the vehicle details.
    Subsequently two persons were charged with theft. I was not called as a witness as the Police got them whilst they were still in possession of the trees.


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    Back in the 90s i was a copper. My mate and i were called out to a farm just off the M23 where we caught a pervert performing 'sexual acts' on a cow

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotsgun View Post
    Back in the 90s i was a copper. My mate and i were called out to a farm just off the M23 where we caught a pervert performing 'sexual acts' on a cow
    Crikey, was he standing on the milking stool ?


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    Some members may recall that Viz had a strip (for one issue only) called Thieving Gypsy B******s. The Roma Council (quite rightly) decided to take legal action against this highly prejudiced satirical strip. Unfortunately, one of the plaintiffs had at the time been charged with (and subsequently found guilty of) handling stolen goods.
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    How big a list do you want Rich
    I hav been shot at, almost run over on several occassions as they made or tryed to make their getta-way, punched and nearly stabbed aprehending quite a few scum over the years
    chased many across the fields and invovled the police in many instances where we had caught or cornered such scum
    even followed them back to their houses and asked for the cash for the trees they had stolen
    chased numerous individuals as they made of with power tools and petrol saws
    if it ain't nailed , down it ain't safe
    at one time I used to hav a pager 24/7 that worked off the parimeter fence alarm system, thank god I don't need it anymore
    the funniest one of all to date that I can remember was a pair of brothers that came midday in their own van registered to one of them, they rammed open a loocked gate and tried to do over one of the farm cottages
    as they tried to escape driving around the fields trying to evade us
    they got stuck , van still in gear was left with wheels spinning as they legged it
    in the mean time the police had arrived and there was a prossession of 2 lads legging it on foot, a bloke in a JCB giving chase after them who was then followed by me in a golf buggy
    along the way I picked up 2 uniformed officers and there was also police car behind us by then
    bit like a keystone cop ordeal
    the 2 lads were picked up later that night but funny as eck at the time

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    A couple of years ago i caught some Yans stealing red diesel from the farm where i lamp as the farmer was on holiday.... lamping ground forever!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stag1933 View Post
    Crikey, was he standing on the milking stool ?

    Nope, he'd been a very bad boy and the cow had stepped back onto him during. Basically the cow trampled the dirty bugger into the mud. We only found him because of his sobbing and wailing. We found him with his skivs down around his ankles, literally covered in cow **** and on his back in thick mud.

    Giving evidence some months later was certainly unique.

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    Very funny at night, instances too numerous to list, the level of amusement usually rises in ratio, to how long you leave it, before you engage the two tractor batteries powering the Roo light on whatever is taking place.
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