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Thread: deer recognition sites

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    deer recognition sites

    Im looking for a good web site on deer recognition any help would be very helpful! cheers ss

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    pictures of the 6 species in uk

  4. #4 Heres a start STU click on read more for full info.

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    I think you are on the correct site already mate. Go down to the photo's section there are loads of usefull pics in there.


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    Hmm might have to add to this photo list as it does not show Jap Sika in winter and summer coat. If some novices are looking to identify the species for their level 1, the giveaway is the metatarsal gland on the back leg for Sika. However having said that you very rarely get a chance to see it in the wild as most beast are standing in fairly high cover.

    Will see what we can do to improve on the photo section.

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    I was planning to do a page for deer recognition but it's kind of been on the back burner for a while. We'd need a good selection of photos showing the features to look for in each of the species and we'd need the photographers' consent for us to use. This is the main sticking point as there are obviously lots of photos available on the web, but we don't want to get ourselves involved with copyright claims further down the line!

    I might start a thread actually, I'm sure our members would be able assist with the photos required.


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    I have a few sika photos, must get time to take more, that I have posted before but that you can use if they help anyone. I'll not post them here but if a photo thread kicks off will put them in there.

    Oh, and don't get too worried about eh recognition part of the DSC1 if that is what you are doing. My experience of it was that every photo had some significant features on view and there were no tricks at all. Also you can take your time and study the pictures until you see the critical points - in truth if you've seen any deer before that will probably not be necessary as you will know the instant the photo pops up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post

    I might start a thread actually, I'm sure our members would be able assist with the photos required.


    Request for Deer Recognition Photos

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