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Thread: Lease Costs - Going up or not?

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    Lease Costs - Going up or not?

    It's getting close to that time of year again, when the Factor spins that yarn about the general rates going up due to demand etc... I wonder what angle he'll use this time!

    What are the feelings for this year?

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    as times are hard for us all one would hope they remain the same level.
    i had a recent interview to get more money for contract work and they said they where considering dropping my price, fortunately as i had gave a good case for review upwards they held the price for another 12 months.......

    dont go self employed lol its hard work despite what everyone thinks

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    We've been asked for 3% - or notified we will be.

    Things are tight all round - for the majority of folks this is not an expense they 'need' to have so perhaps there will be resistance to any increase.

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    Ours are the same as last year which was an above inflation increase. I am off the lease documents this year due to difficulties with the agent. Not a worry though as I still run the show and have plenty of free land still.
    Yhe agent is getting on and losing his marbles, he tried to sell part of his business to me every year and when I decided the time was right he got really snotty and it all went sour. He is 75 yrs old and not very well so I suspect in a year or so I will be dealing with the land owners themselves!

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