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Thread: How much is too much?

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    How much is too much?

    Allthough there are the obvious mainstream calibres that we're all aware of, who has expirience of using the bigger stuff?
    By big I mean 30-06+ like the 7mm Rem Mag, .300 Win Mag & Similar.
    Is it fair to say there's a place for these calibres out of the need for hard hitting,humaine round? Something that can hit a stag in the rutt & transfer a lot of power accurately.
    Is the meat damage unacceptable?
    How big can you go with these rounds? The Federal/Sako ammo listings indicate Elk/Carribou.
    I realise the .300win can go to higher bullet weights than the 7mmMag, but how about tuning a load to be more discreet,with less of a kick? Using less powder & lower bullet weights. What weight of pointed soft point is a good allrounder for uk deer?

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    Hi There,

    I currently use a 7mm rem mag (although my everyday rifle is a .243) which I soft load with a 120 grain head at circa 3000 fps in conjunction with the moderator it is a very pleasant round to use. The resultant damage from this round is no different than many of the more popular calibres. I began to use this round as on one occasion I used a 154grain factory load on a Roe buck and the the result was an extreme case of hydro shock (a body cavity filled with a scotch broth type mixture). Interestingly both the 154 gr factory load and my 120 gr homeloads have a very similiar POI when used in my remmington 700 only 3/4 of an inch between the two at 100 yards. The 154gr load is extremely effective on the stags and provided that it is used in conjunction with a reasonably weighted rifle it should not be too unpleasant in use.


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    That is really useful. Being able to tune down a heavy calibre seems like the ideal solution to my needs,as It'd be good to have the capacity to shoot different quarry,or heavily built stags over distance.
    Moderators are the way forward,they make rifles very user friendly.
    Ideally I'll be the proud owner of a heavy barreled 7rem mag soon -provided my variation comes back correctly changed!

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    Larger cal's

    I've always liked to use enough gun as they say but!!, I've just sold a Blaser 300wsm which I loved it shot tiny little groups with 180grn Swift "A" frames and Sirroco's doing about 3000fps but it knocked the S**t out of everything my game dealer wasn't a fan. I could have slowed it down a bit but what's the point when I own a 30.06 and a .308, I've also got a moderated .375 H&H which I use for the boar so it wasn't getting used.


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    Although this is a generalisation (all way dangerous ) it is recommended that with magnum cartridges you have to push them towards their maximum when reloading to get the best accuracy.

    I use a 270 as my “big stag” rifle Red/Sika 130gn at 3100fps max’ and find this is more than enough even for rutting stags. Again like Remmy I use my 243 for every thing else roe/hinds ect.


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    big calibres

    I use a .30-06 with 150 gr bullets i also use a .243 with lots of weights from 80-105 gr bullets.

    In my opinion bigger bullet does not equate to more meat damage. my 06 with 150 gr is good for about 3000+/- fps. If i am using a soft point pointed bullet. ie a speer hot core i get full penetration. Almost instant knock down and less damage than i do with my 243 in any of the bullet wieghts i use. and the deer don't go over as well with the 243- i very often find them running 50yds with a well placed shot.

    I have found that the nearer max i load the more accurate the round as well.

    I am not not using the 6mm at the moment due to an outbreak of f***ing stupidity on my part and i don't miss it much either.


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    270 for Sika and Reds, especially Stags, 150g nosler, and my 375 HH for anything else I take whilst in Africa.

    375 for plains game 275g nosler, dangerous game 375 300g federal solids.
    Hasn't let me down yet!!

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    dangerous game

    Guys I would love to shoot one of them cape buffalo.

    has anyone shot one?


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    Hi Guys

    I shoot fallow with my 375 H+H using monolithic copper bullet 155gn @ 3300 ft/s.Meat damage minimal. Knock down capability high. This makes the rifle very fast and flat shooting with the recoil of a 30-06. I have a 458 cal for humane dispatch of wounded of sick animals as well.
    Image shows my 308, 7x64 Brenneke, 375 H+H, 458 Lott


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    Hi Swampy, I have shot a Cape Buff. I took it in 1998 with my 375 using 300 grain federal solids backed up with 300 grain noslers in every other round in the mag.

    We shot two in a day, mine took three shots to put it on the floor and a 4th to finish it. Took us until dark to cut it in half and winch it into the pick up and the 5 mile drive back to camp. In all we took 3 Buff in 4 days near Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe. Plus I took a rogue Elephant which had been caught in a poachers snare at 20yds.

    Cape Buff are one of the most exciting to hunt, it really is an adrenalin rush!!

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