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Thread: Butler Creek alternatives

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    Butler Creek alternatives

    As some will have read in the recent thread it looks like the quality of Butler Creek scope covers isn't what it used to be.

    I took my brand new set out yesterday, the last set broke, and on their first day out one of them broke in the same place as the last set and, of course, it is made of some strange plastic and no glue with stick to. So, no more Butler Creek for me if I can avoid it.

    Has anyone any suggestions for good alternatives? I'm not keen on the bikini covers and like the flip up type but I also like them to last more than a few hours for a bit of plastic that costs over 12.

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    The metal Leupold covers look great but I don't think I'm going to get them to fit my 8X56 S&B. That is a shame as my main use is to keep the rain and junk off the lens when stalking so the objective end is the most important one for me as I tend to carry the rifle muzzle up.

    Thanks for the links though - I'm reading them all now.

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    Fitting list shows a 56mm at the bottom of the list
    Click the ordering tag with the sizes
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    I think the 56mm Leupold is that weird thing with the dent in the bottom of the front bell though, might be wrong. In that case I'd guess the scope cover will also be a weird shape, to say the least. Will investigate further and thanks for all the info - I might see if I can get some of the Weaver covers to try as MidwayUK seem to do them. Anything has to be better than the Butler Creeks these days.

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    I gave up on the Butlers last year as i broke 3 fronts very quickly. I would say for use in a vehicle they are good but on a windy and rainy day they will pop open and break at the hinge when getting the sling comfortable. Are Leupold not making aluminium covers but at 80 a tad too dear?

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    Geez, too bad about the quality maybe dipping on Butler Creeks.

    I've two rifles that get taken out almost on alternate days (and carted about in the pick-up and rattled through the woods all the time) and another couple that get the cobwebs blown off every couple of months, they've all got B.C. flip-ups and apart from losing one cover and having to replace it last year I've had the rest of them for years. Aye, the oldest ones are about 10 already. Mibbee I'm just lucky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tamus View Post
    Aye, the oldest ones are about 10 already. Mibbee I'm just lucky.
    There was a thread somewhere on here a few days back and nearly all posters reported that their new Butler Creek scope covers broke in a very short time but many were of the view that older ones were not so delicate. To add to the problem they appear to be made of some sort of plastic that no glue will stick to so a running repair with some superglue just doesn't work. I'd ordered a new set before I saw the thread but despite being careful one of mine broke on their first day out which is a bit of a downer. Luckily it was the eye end that broke as I was out for 12 hours yesterday in heavy snow and rain - it was a struggle to keep the binos working and it would have been a shame to get the chance of a shot to find the objective full of wet snow. As it was I saw nothing all day :-(

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    does anyone know who the main distributor for butler creek in the uk is??

    maybe a line or two and a link to this thread may help.....hey if no one shouts up they wont change owt

    ill email em.... fed up paying for ***** that breaks 1st useage

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    +1 for the Quake covers.


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