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As already posted asking what they are worth, here are the images.

I have 5 bodies of the 2 piece decoys but only 3 heads, although I have an assortment of none matching heads that with a bit of paint would no doubt work. Therefore, 3 complete, 2 bodies only.

I have 6 of the cheaper looking one-piece shell type. One has a tiny chip missing from the beak, no doubt any goose flying in would not notice!

I used them a few years ago. I never shot any but my mates dad got 6 so they must work!

On advice from those on here does 30 for the lot sound fair? Would prefer they were picked up but if necessary will post at cost to you.

***1)Stone, 2)Mannlicher Stu

As you both PM'd me in that order in response to last post, to be fair if either of you are still interested let me know. Otherwise up for grabs to first responder thereafter.***

Meant to add, reasonable offers accepted!!!