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Thread: Request for Deer Recognition Photos

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    Thumbs up Request for Deer Recognition Photos

    People have frequently asked where they can find resources to aid deer recognition so it would be useful if we could put together a good selection of images we can use to produce a page.

    Ideally, for each species of deer, we'd need photos showing those deer together with their identifying features. We'd need photos of both summer and winter coats (and any variations) and of both sexes.

    For example:

    • Sika showing hock glands
    • Fallow with long tail/adams apple/tassle on the pistle etc
    • Roe doe with tush

    So if anyone has photos of deer which clearly shows their identifying features and which you have taken (or own the copyright to) and wouldn't mind us using we'd be very grateful if you could add them into this thread.

    We will of course credit your username on here for all photos that are used.

    many thanks,


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    Some sika pics, all winter but it is a start

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    A buck in winter coat and a few does.

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    Cheers guys that's a great start!

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    Here are a few, if they dont come out (as my Photobucket account has been playing up) I might have to put on picture per reply

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    A winter Sika stag showing massive hock glands and rear end nicely

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    And again ( sorry for the posting 1 picture at a time cr@p, only my photobucket shows them as deleted or moved if I try and post more)

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