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Thread: strange one

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    strange one

    Hi all i shot a roe doe last night about 130 yrds ,the shot reaction was good but it ran in to cover where i lost sight of it . when i got to impact sight there was no blood apart from the tinest bit of pink frothy blood ,so i new it was hit in the lungs but no other trace s of blood any where !
    Enter the dog who set off stongly and then proceeded to find and hold for me about 80 yrds away a very strong doe that was still very fit !!!
    i despatched it and on inspection found a small entry wound slighly low but a small exit wound as well a hole through both lungs but no trauma in side at all ,it was like a full metal jacket had been used gone straight through causing very little damage !
    i am using 150 grain federal fusion ammmo in .308 ,i have been very pleased with it so far but am a bit concerned with this .
    Thank goodness for the dog as that deer would not have been found has anybody else experienced any thing like this ?

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    I had the same problem shooting red hinds the first one I shot hit the floor the second one ran and I had to follow with the dog.
    This was with 150 sieras out of a 30.06.
    The only differance I could see was the first shot hit a rib on the way in and out and the second went in between the ribs on the way in and out.

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    If an animal is alert at the time of the shot there is a good chance that it will run.


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    It happens mate a soft bit of skin perfect slip through the gap in the rib clip the lung are low and you have a bullet that dose not expand like it should good you had a dog with you mate.

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    This happened to me last fall. The bullet entered behind the right foreleg and raked forward, breaking ribs and making a nasty wound without touching the lungs. The deer was pretty sick though and would have died eventually had I not put him down.~Muir

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    Iv had this happen to me a couple of times... not much fun!
    The first time it happened sounded very much like your story. I shot, the deer ran. By shear luck i stumbled across him lying in a field of barley( after an hour of searching!). After i despatched him, i had a good look inside. The bullet had traveled between the ribs, through the lungs and out the other side! hardly any damage...
    Sometimes it just happens? Dont ask me why!

    the rounds i used were both sako... Dont use them anymore...


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    Happened to me some years back I was using Federal .308 150g that came in the blue and silver box [from memory I think they were Federal Classic?]. Shot a big fallow and when gralloched the bullet had not expanded at all. Asked round a bit and it wasn't unheard of. Never happens now I homeload and use Sierra SPBT.

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    I had this a few years ago with a Sika hind and a 243 with a 100 grain home loaded Sierra BT, pink and frothy blood at the point of impact and a very athletic deer. Found it about 150 yards away and when gralloched it looked as if knitting needle had passed through it, no expansion at all.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    My son had a similar problem with .243 Federal 100grain Power Shok with a red calf, shot just above the heart straight through the lungs, the deer reacted to the strike went 60 yards and fell over. Looked a dead animal until we went to collect it 15 minutes later where upon we noticed it's ears flatten out as we aproached, up it jumped and away although only walking. The ears had given the game away so ready for the possible second shot.
    The bullet had passed within millimeters of the heart just like a knitting needle very small hole, lungs were heavily briused though. Did not do my sons confidence any good but shot placement was near perfect
    Lost confidence with Federal and are changing to Remmington Core Lok, having said that have had no problems since with red roe fallow and muntjac.


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    Cheers Guys seems it is just one of those things that happens ! I guess this is the reason those of us use a dog or at least have access to a dog
    cheers for the replies
    regards Tom

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