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Thread: land check course ?

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    land check course ?

    Hi Guys

    Does anybody know of a course aimed directly at land checking/assement as i have a closed ticket at the moment and the FL Manger said if i do a course in land checking he will open my ticket up.
    I have my dsc1 already, but its all red tape as you will be too aware off.

    Many thanks

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    Sounds like a load of BS from them. Call the A Team but if they are unavailable, BASC etc are worth a go.

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    That's an interesting one. I would have thought that the FEO would have been the best person to have been on the course! I suspect any ex military stalkers have expired field firing qualifications but these are based upon putting ammunition traces over the land. I would think your best bet was a detailed plan showing boundaries, footpaths, habitation and where you intend to shoot from together with a risk assessment of your activities. I have not heard of a formal qualification but if one exists would like a go at it.

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    Maybe they are referring to a range safety officer course.
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    been there done that(advise off ngo etc etc), but there standing firm and saying unless i do a proper course on land assesments they will not open it up yet .

    Does such a course exsist ?
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    I would specifically ask as per the 2002 guidance what is required of you to allow you to have an open ticket. Do not entertain weird demands from any firearms office. Ensure it is in writing and specifically say you believe you can provide evidence that would satisfy the requirements to have an open certificate as per the 2002 guidance where the requirements can be clarified in writing.

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    ask him where he did his course and could he give you the tel number to book you in

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    Doesn't DSC 1 cover safety, including what does and does not constitute a safe shot? Which is all land assessment is about, isn't it? In which case, what's their problem???


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    ...funnily enough, I've just finished drafting my course.

    1) Would you shoot directly towards houses? YES/NO
    2) Would you shoot directly towards sheep, cows, anything you're not supposed to? YES/NO
    3) Would you shoot if you didn't have a safe backstop? YES/NO
    4) Any idea where your boundaries are? YES/NO
    5) If you have footpaths, etc, do you know where they are? YES/NO

    There you go, chuck us a fiver and I'll get my daughter to bang out a certificate of some kind - she's a dab-hand with her felt-tips.

    (Seriously though, I've never heard of that one before....good luck)
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    i assume 50% correct answers constitute a pass then

    just out of interest 223 how long have you had your FAC ?

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