Welsh Assembly offers grant money for BASC shotgun coach qualification

Agricultural and forestry businesses in Wales can now apply for funding towards the cost of a shotgun coaching qualification run by the UKs largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC). BASC shotgun coaches teach everything from basic gun handling and safety to more advanced techniques for experienced shots.

The funding has been made available after BASC joined a Welsh Assembly initiative called Farming Connect which aims to help diversify and develop farming and forestry businesses. The shotgun coaching qualification is one of two BASC courses currently eligible for subsidy. The second is a wild game meat hygiene certificate, which allows people to assess game meat before it is entered into the food chain.

Businesses must be registered with Farming Connect before they can access the grant funding, which will cover 80% of course costs up to a maximum of 1000. BASC shotgun coaching starts with a 90 registration fee and trainees then develop through a series of theoretical and practical assessments according to ability.

Businesses must be registered with Farming Connect and have their funding approved before undertaking training. More details can be found at www.farmingconnect.co.uk

For further details contact Peter Wroe or Peter Marshall on 01244573018