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Thread: Introducing myself

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    Introducing myself

    Hello everyone my user name is Read which is double dutch for cant think of a better name.
    I am based in West Devon. I shoot with my mate Tony who is a well established member here.
    Like many of you started as a lad. A Czech 177 breaker which would fire a match head about 50 ft when you had no ammo which was nearly always.
    I was born in scouse land but have been dragged all around the country but spent more than half my life in Devon. Have been stalking for about 5yrs Previously beating and rough shooting main focus now on deer and share good bit of stalking with Tony including a patch just outside my back door. Dont like this tech stuff too much so apologies to admin if I am not doing too well just yet

    Currently I have an entertaining problem with my M.S SSG having had the barrel cut and compulsaraly proofed, theres a good con. the gun refuses to group had mod and scope checked but Gsmith thinks the barrel might be a gonner. The can is a Predator 8. interestingly the Gsmith found a baffel slighly out of line so drilled it out on the lathe. It has just struck me that this baffel will have an excentric hole in it which might be causing the problem. Its good to talk. If anyone has any experience of this problem I would be most gratefull for some help. Look forward to chatting.

    I am interested in the deer dog day

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    welcome to the site read.enjoy whats on offer mate.

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    Welcome mate, you will be surprised and impressed by the wealth of knowledge and help available on here and how freely it is given.

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    welcome aboard read
    always good when newcomers introduce with there expereince and few outstanding problems as it quickly gets them in the swing of things with the help or advice they are able to share or recieve
    as for the dog day
    i do hav enogh people for the day as it stands and just sorting and confirming that those that previously replied are still attending thats why i hav not replyed to yours or the other pm's sent to me in the last couple of days as i did not hav a definate answer for you
    but will be in touch shortly to let you know
    if there is not room on this one i am hoping to do another in the near future and will ear mark those that may of missed out on this one
    for it
    kind regards

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    Hi read,

    Welcome aboard.

    Have you tried grouping and zeroing with the mod off since it was cut? If it groups the problem will probably lye with the moderator. If it does not then I would take a good look at the crown off the rifle, make sure whoever cut it has not damaged the crown. A friend of mine had this problem some time ago, and on inspection we found the crown to be damaged.

    Is it the rifle a SSG sport with heavy bull barrel? I have this rifle, screw cut with mod, grouping well.

    Please feel free to PM me with details.

    All the best


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    Hello Read and welcome to the site. Can't help much with your problem beyond what has already been said. Need to find out if it is the mod or the barrel, if it won't group with or without the mod, you had better hope that Steyr is right as opposed to the gunsmith. A recrowning job will be cheaper than a new barrel.


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    solve all your problems, swap it for a blaser!

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    sorry, had to do it!!!!

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    Welcome to the site, look forward to reading your posts, ask away on here we are a friendly bunch.

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